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Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Dawne Douthit

Posted on January 25 2024

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

It's love month! While we don't normally do a lot of themed collections, we sure do love a good festive outfit! To make sure you don't miss any of these cutie items - we've rounded up our favorite Valentine's themed outfits! 

1. Pink Fuzzy Sweater

While this one doesn't scream Valentine's Day, but we are loving the pop of pink! So fuzzy and comfy that it'll keep you warm, and still dressy enough for work or date night! 

2. True Hearts Sweater

Okkkkk so this one isn't as subtle but it is absolutely one of our favorites! The pretty little red hearts are sewn into the fabric so it is super comfy. This sweet little sweater would work for Christmas and on into the fall because who doesn't "love" a heart sweater? It's a little more cropped but still fitted which makes it perfect for wearing with wide leg jeans! 

3. Golden Hearts Sweater

How sweeeeet is this sweater? Another one that is not an overtly Valentine's color so it is great to wear in the fall, winter, and spring! But if you want a little bit of hearts on love day, this is a great option! 

4. Deep Port Sweater

If you're interested in deeper and richer colors, this sweater is the one for you! A beautiful option that looks great with black or denim. This deep red is a lovely subtle and festive nod to Valentine's Day! 

5. Deep Rose Wrap Dress

This beautiful dress is ideal for those Valentine's Day dates! This beautiful dress is a true wrap and a lovely deep rose color. Still long sleeved to keep you warm but very elegant! 

6. Ivory for Me Sweater 

This sweet sweater has the cutest little heart eyelet detail sewn into the sweater! The eyelet detail makes it a perfect "transition to spring sweater!" Wear it for love day and far beyond with it's crisp white color!  


Happy Valentine's Day! 


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