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A Week of Outfits

Dawne Douthit

Posted on May 01 2024

A Week of Outfits

This week I did something new and documented what I wore every day! We always say that we love the items we sell. But we really, really mean it! I realized this week that I wore Epiphany every single day. I linked it all here for you in case you see something you realized you're missing in your closet too! 


It was actually pretty chilly here last Sunday, but I loved this transition outfit! 

Pants are linked here. They're  tummy control! 

Transition cardigan linked here


Mondays are our errand/homeschool days! Our kids go to school 2.5 days a week and homeschool two days a week so I usually do laundry, grocery runs, and school! We also likely have baseball and have dance! 

Pullover linked here.  We also have it in blue (linked here) and gray (linked here). This pullover is my favorite! I have it in two colors and we have some left of each color! 

Still lovnig these - linked here. 

I wear this hat all the time! Linked here. 


Tuesday nights are *usually* our ballpark nights! This night we actually had two games at 5:30. It was again chilly so I threw on a denim jacket once it got dark! 

These tees are MUST for summer! I wear mine ALL the time and they just restocked! Linked here.  

I have literally worn these pants a couple times a week since I've gotten them. A causal but still very cute option! Linked here. 

Same shoes that I was wearing the day before! Linked here.


Wednesdays is another homeschool day. I usually go to Bible Study in the morning, then do school all afternoon, then choir practice that night! So comfy is a must! 


These jeans I love! They also are a great pair for cutting off and adjusting the length if the length doesn't work for you! Linked here.

This sweatshirt is also from our shop but it is sold out! 


Thursdays are long work days for me. That's when I get everything ready for our live sales, new arrivals, fit videos, and anything else that needs to be done for the shop for the weekend! 


These jeans are some of my favorites ever. We don't have them in this wash but we have them in a different wash - linked here. 

This sweater is my favorite! I wear it all the time. Perfect for swim suit cover up or with shorts too! It's almost gone! Linked here. 


This week I got my haircut and then ran errands before going to dinner with friends! Being totally honest I got banana all of these pants and top right before I took this pic. 

These pants are fantastic. Risen brand and tummy control! Linked here. 

These shoes are AMAZING. I can't say enough good things about them! Linked here. 

This top is from last year so it is sold out! 

Friday Night 

I went to a casual restaurant for dinner this night and I was still chilly with the spring breeze so I wanted to be comfortable! 

Loving this shacket! another great transition piece! Linked here. 


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