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Dames and Daughters: Debbie, Emma, and Meredith

Dawne Douthit

Posted on June 20 2017

Dames and Daughters: Debbie, Emma, and Meredith

     We're back at it this week with another blog in our mother/daughter series! This week we are really excited to write about Debbie, and her two daughters Emma and Meredith. We had so much fun taking their pictures in downtown Athens and spending the afternoon with them. 

     Debbie has been married to her husband, Greg, for 24 years. They reside in Athens with their two lovely daughters and their Welsh Terrier - Rhett! Debbie teaches first grade at Lindsay Lane Christian Academy (that's where Jess first met her when she was teaching there!). All three of these lovely ladies enjoy spending time together as a family - and after spending an afternoon with them we see why! 

     Emma is 16 years old. She attends Lindsay Lane Christian Academy and is very active in sports and activities there! She is looking lovely in our Sweet and Simple Maxi. That color seriously looks stunning on her! 

     Meredith is 14 years old and she also attends Lindsay Lane Christian Academy (although I'm sure both girls are loving having this summer break!). She is just as cute as can be in our Flower Shower Cold Shoulder Top. She has it with one of her own pairs of shorts and we think she looks just beautiful! 

     To help you get to know these ladies a little better we asked them some questions. We hope you enjoy reading their answers as much as we did! 

What "critter" scares you the most and why? 

     Debbie: Rats scare me the most because they are nasty creature. 

     Emma: Snakes because of the way they slither and are so sneaky

     Meredith: snakes because they are hideous!

If you won $10,000 what would you buy first?

     Debbie: If I won 10,000 dollars I would probably need to pay off bills but I would love to use the money for a pool!

     Emma: I would buy lots of clothes! (We're with ya on that one!) 

     Meredith: I would buy a pool.

What is the most peaceful place you've ever been? 

     Debbie: The beach is always the most peaceful and relaxing place for me.

     Emma: The beach 

     Meredith: My bed 

     Thank you ladies for spending your afternoon with us, letting us take your pictures and write this blog. I loved doing it - you three are a joy! 

     ~ Jess 

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