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Dames and Daughters: Sharon, Jessi, and Anna

Dawne Douthit

Posted on June 13 2017

Dames and Daughters: Sharon, Jessi, and Anna

     This week in our Dames and Daughters Series, we're excited to blog about some dear friends, Sharon and her daughters, Jessi, and Anna! We had a great time taking their pictures, and we just had to put their adorable little ones in there too! It was quite the event walking around downtown Athens pushing 3 strollers, but that's the best kind of entourage. :) 


     Sharon (middle) has been married for 38 years this June. She has six children (2 daughters and 4 sons) and eight grandchildren whom she adores! She has recently jumped in to help at the family business Super Slow Zone, as they have been in desperate need of strength trainers. She already has a cult following! She enjoys summertime, unsweet tea, homeschooling, and crocheting and quilting when she has time. In fact, she made an adorable orange and blue (war eagle) knit sweater for my little one when he was born! She is looking lovely in our Teal Hi-Low Dress which is on sale for $30.45.  

     Jessi, Sharon's oldest daughter, is a mom to her wild and loving 19-month-old, Charlie. She has always loved anything active and has particularly developed a love for tennis in the last six or seven years. Jessi loves books and even though she doesn't spend as much time reading these days, she is enjoying transferring her love of books to Charlie (and it seems to be working!) She is rocking our Boho Love Lace Back Top - doesn't she look great in that vibrant blue? 

     Anna, Sharon's youngest daughter, is a mom to her sassy 10-month-old Catherine. She loves to spend time with her family, whether it is watching her husband play baseball in the
evenings, spending days with Catherine, her mom, Jessi, and Charlie, or
getting all six siblings and their families together! She also loves to plan
and dream about her next Disney trip –a love shared by all three women,
actually! Anna is ready for summer in our Shy Flower Dress - seriously, it looks like it was made for her! 

     To help you get to know all of these lovely ladies better, they answered some questions for us! 

What's your favorite way to waste time? 

      Sharon: Sitting on the front porch looking at old pictures on my phone. 

     Jessi: My favorite way to waste time is probably reading blogs. I’m nosey
    and love an inside look into the lives of people I’ve never met.

     Anna: Well, if I’m wasting time it probably means the baby is sleeping…on
     me. So I would say watching something funny on TV!

What do you bring everywhere you go? 

      Sharon: A big glass of unsweet iced tea with lemon! 

     Jessi: Earrings. I’m not super into accessorizing, but earrings are a must for me! 

     Anna: A hair bow for the baby! I keep one in every bag and my car.

What’s the most refreshing thing on a hot summer day?

     Sharon: Tall light caramel Frappuccino is my new favorite cold drink!

     Jessi: A dip in the pool or spray with the sprinkler. Luckily, these are both
     activities that Charlie adores, so we’re both happy!

     Anna: I’ve recently gotten obsessed with diet frosted strawberry lemonade
     from Chick-Fil-A, and if I tell myself it is to cool off then that means I can
     rationalize getting one every day if I want!

Mom and I loved getting to take your pictures, write this blog, and let our babies hang out! Thanks again!


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