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Bump to Baby: How I Learned to Dress My Baby Bump and After!

Bethany Campbell

Posted on February 01 2018

Bump to Baby: How I Learned to Dress My Baby Bump and After!

Well here we are – 27 weeks down and only 13 to go! We’ve officially started preparations for our second baby – a baby girl this time and we’re so excited! One thing I haven’t had the time (or the money) to worry about is buying maternity clothes. I hate spending money on clothes that I am only going to wear for a few months! That’s why I love some of the items I have been able to wear during this pregnancy and I know I will love to wear afterwards.


(above is our Kite Weather Top - $32.75. See it here: 

Sometimes, while pregnant I try to wear some of my tunics and flowy tops – while those work and are super comfy I feel like they sort of make me look like a tent. I gained a whopping 57lbs. with my son so I wasn’t super into shapeless outfits. Lucky for me the empire waist look is still in and works great for my growing bump!


(Limitless Tunic is $39.50 here: 

Our oldest son, Hudson, is two. Anyone that has a two-year old boy that is definitely all boy understands how much movement that requires on my part! So for me it is super important to be comfortable and able to move as easily as I can with my growing belly. So soft and stretchy fabrics are my favorite!

(Between the Lines Top is $32 here:

What’s my favorite thing about all these new tops?? I can wear them afterwards too! These ones are flowy enough that I think they’ll transition great to my post-partum belly.


(Alter Ego Top is $38.50 here:

With all that comes with having a new baby, you shouldn’t have to worry about what to wear and how to afford it. This whole two-kid thing is new territory for me. Any of you 2+ kid mamas have any tips or must-haves? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

(This Warm by the Fire Top was my favorite for winter parties! It's $35.)


Thanks for reading!

~ Jess


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