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Dames and Daughters: Daralyn and Taylor

Jess Clark

Posted on July 11 2017

Dames and Daughters: Daralyn and Taylor
Welcome back to another week on our Dames and Daughters blog series! This week we have a mother/daughter duo that is near and dear to our hearts, Daralyn and Taylor. Taylor (the daughter of the pair) is actually my sister-in-law! We have loved getting to know Daralyn through Taylor and we are so blessed to have spent a day with both of them!  We are so happy they were willing to do a photoshoot and blog with us. 

     Daralyn and her husband, David, are both originally from Auburn, Alabama, but  have lived in Huntsville for 27 years. However, they still enjoy visiting family and attending sporting events "back home." They have three children (and one son-in-law) - Taylor and Micah, Ryan, and Jack. Daralyn is a teacher at Providence Classical School and is an avid runner! We hear she's a pretty great mother-in-law as well. ;) 

     Taylor has been married to her husband, Micah, for one year. Taylor got her bachelors from Auburn in 2016 in speech therapy. She currently works at the RISE School, a school for kids with special needs.  She is going to get her masters in speech therapy this fall. She loves to read, cheer on the Tigers, when the leaves change in the fall, sweet tea, and Little Rosie's (she told us, "I've definitely eaten there twice in one day before.") 

     Daralyn is looking beautiful in our Garden Party Top. It is so flattering on her! Taylor, who looks great in anything, is rocking our Cutie Katie Top. To help you get to know these ladies a little better we asked them a few questions. See their answers below! 

What smell brings back great memories?

    Daralyn: When I smell a gas furnace I think of visits at my grandparent's home . Their heat was from a furnace that had grates in the floor. We would swing on the front porch for hours, take walks around the park, eat breakfast at Rosie's and have delicious 1:00 "dinners."

     Taylor: Whenever I smell hamburgers and hotdogs being cooked on the grill, it makes me think of 4th of July parties, tailgates on fall Saturdays in Auburn, and summer nights with family. All those things make my heart happy, happy, happy!

What were you really into when you were a kid? 

     Daralyn: My brothers and I played every rec league sport offered. My parents coached and we cheered for each other.     

     Taylor: I really loved American Girl Dolls. I had several, but my favorite was Molly because she had blue eyes and brown hair like me. I also loved playing any and every game outside with friends. We were masters at two hand touch football and capture the flag!

Time freezes for everyone but you for one dayWhat do you do?

    Daralyn: Honestly , I would need for time to freeze for my family too. Mother's  Day this year felt like time had frozen when my family planned a lunch and hiking day at Monte Sano Park. 

     Taylor: I would grab a good book and a glass of sweet tea and sit by the pool all day!

We had a great time taking your pictures and writing this blog. Thank you ladies for doing it! We enjoyed it. 

~Dawne and Jess

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