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Disney Outfit Roundup

Jess Clark

Posted on February 20 2023

Disney Outfit Roundup

We don't try to hide that we're big Disney fans around here, and while we're still in the phase of having young kids we love getting the whole family to match (or at least coordinate!).  It's a fun little tradition for our trips to Disney, and even as they grow up I hope they never get tired of it! I thought it'd be fun to round up some of our favorite outfits/shops from our most recent trip! So today I'm sharing my 5 favorite Disney outfits! 

1. The Name Shirt 

What is better than a Disney shirt? A Disney shirt with everyone's name of course! We got long sleeve since it was chilly and decided to get black for the kids so they wouldn't get too stained or ruined while we were there. I also think they'll be cute little keepsakes since they're classic colors and have their names! And it was subtle enough even the dads wanted in!  We got these super cute tees from Elizabeth at Joyful Stitch Boutique. You can find her by searching Joyful Stitch Boutique on Instagram. 

Even little Rhett got in on the action (although it was too cold for him to take off his Mickey sweater for the group pic.) 


2. The Gender Specific Matching Shirt

A challenge in my matching Disney attire endeavor is that I have a girl and 3 boys. So we can't just all buy the exact same thing for them to match. We found these cutie little sweatshirts and were able to get all the boys and girls to still coordinate, just update with a Minnie bow! Even the older cousins were involved since it wasn't too frilly and they were all so excited to match. Another bonus to matching all the cousins too is that we can easily find them all in a crowd! When a group of them are walking together we'd just look for the white sweatshirts to make sure we could see them! 

We got these matching outfits off of Etsy! You can shop them here. 

While we're on the topic of coordinating sweatshirts. Mom, Joyce, and I all packed the same sweatshirt without even discussing! These sweatshirts are SO stinking soft and a perfect lightweight layer for spring. They look great with leggings, joggers, and jeans.  My favorite! You can shop them here. I wore them with a pair of leggings, right now these leggings are my favorite. 

3. Mommy and Me

Truth moment here - I really always thought I'd be a boy mom. I loved having a boy first and grew up with 4 older brothers. Being around boys was all I knew! But it is super fun to have a daughter to do girly things with too! She still loves to match so I'm soaking that up as long as I can. I usually don't try to take her "nice" dresses to Disney. Too much potential for ripping, stains, etc. But I got this cutie little skirt for her from Dirt Cheap (Target brand) and ordered us matching tees off of Etsy! (link here).  This is a great way for me to match her without having to wear my own princess dress. My shorts are Judy Blue and they're the best! We still have some left here

4. The Tennis Skirt 

Ok, ok can we all admit that something about being in Disney makes us all feel a little extra? But I've got 4 kids and mama needs to be able to nurse, walk, and carry kids around all day without having to mess with a dress. So this trip I really loved wearing my tennis skirt! I wore it with my favorite sweatshirt, Disney tees, and of course my Minnie ears! It was an easy and fun way to be cool and comfortable and still feel girly. You can find the tennis skort I wore here.

I took a pic like this pregnant with him a year ago. So fun to have him on the outside with us this trip! 

5. The Princess Dress 

This one is more for the girls, rather than the moms (unless you have a princess dress you wanna rock. In which case you should go for it, mama!). Before I had a daughter actually old enough to wear princess dresses I was skeptical of sending them to Disney in their dresses. But let me just tell you, it is MAGIC. We went to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and ate lunch at Cinderella's Royal Table (my faaaaavvv) while she was wearing her dress and she loved every minute of it. And honestly it was sort of priceless for me to watch her be little and innocent for a little while longer. Our favorite dresses come from Little Adventurers, Trish Sculley, and of course Disney! The girls are all wearing Trish Scully on this day! 


So there's my roundup! I could go on for pages about all the things we did and all the things we love to do at Disney, but for the sake of brevity I kept it short. Thanks for reading and hopefully we helped you plan your next Disney outfit! 

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