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Dames and Daughters Series: Lori and Kelsie

Dawne Douthit

Posted on April 12 2017

Dames and Daughters Series: Lori and Kelsie

     This week on our Dame and Daughter blog we are featuring another one of our employees, Kelsie, and her mom Lori! We love when our employees are willing to be featured on the blog, so here it goes!

     Kelsie is a senior at Sparkman High School. In the fall she will be heading to Mississippi State, and we sure will miss her!  We are always excited when one of our ladies moves on, but it always leaves an empty spot!  Kelsie enjoys hiking with her dog, Hazel, swimming, working out at the gym and watching Netflix.  The color of our Pretty in Periwinkle Top is perfect for Kelsie!  She looks so pretty in that shade.

     Lori works at Legacy Elementary School and stays busy with Kelsie and Carson, her two children.  She is currently training for a half marathon (impressive!) and she loves to read and bake.  She is wearing our Summertime Romance Tunic - one of my personal favorites!  It's just lovely on her!

We asked them a few questions out of curiosity...

 Where is the best place you've ever been?

       Lori: New York-The atmosphere is electric! All the lights, smells, and sounds...draws you in!  Such an exciting place!

 What famous person from the past would you like to meet?

     Lori:  Anne Frank.  I would love to sit down with her and hear about all her experiences and tales of survival while living in hiding.

 What's your favorite thing about Kelsie?

     Lori: It's hard to list just one..there are so many things that I admire about her-I am so proud to be her mom!  But if I have to list one thing, it would be her love of the Lord and how she lives her life as an ambassador for him. 

What makes you feel safe?

      Kelsie: Knowing that I have family and friends that I can call anytime I need them for anything!

What famous person living now would you like to meet?

     Kelsie: Chris Stapleton- he's my favorite country music singer

What's your favorite thing about your mom?

     Kelsie: Definitely her cooking!! She makes the best Cajun Chicken Pasta!!

                          Jess had a great time taking your pics and I loved writing this blog! 

Thanks! ~Dawne


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